Cher’s “Son” Chaz Bono Just Attacked Trump Voters, Hannity Destroyed Him So Hard

It’s bad enough when filthy rich Hollywood celebrity liberals attack President Donald Trump with stupid knee-jerk, politically correct arguments. It’s even worse, however, when these celebrities get their children, who have grown up in a cocoon of wealth and privilege, into the act as well.

This recently happened when, spurred on by Cher’s nasty comments, Cher’s transgender “son” Chaz recently when on a crazy rampage and attacked Trump voters. Fortunately, Sean Hannity took notice and completely destroyed him.

Like a typical liberal, Chaz just parroted the usual Democratic verbiage, posting on Twitter, “So is the new Right, all Putin loving, reality denying, traitors to the principals our country was founded on, Fascists, Just Like Trump?” Shot back Sean Hannity, “Chaz clearly you are just ignorant. Read the @wikileaks info released this week. Try and educate yourself before tweeting inane lib tlk pts!”

Hannity wasn’t done. He added, “Also Chaz I thought you liberals were supposed to be “tolerant”, & “inclusive”. You r just the typical phony Hollywood hypocrite.” Then he offered, “Chaz come on my TV show so I can expose to all what a hypocrite you are and that you’re dumber than dirt.”

Chaz proved he lacked the balls to take Hannity up on his offer, saying, “Oh Sean, while that’s tempting, I don’t play with stupid. But have fun denigrating the CIA and propping up Putin. Reagan would be so proud.” Rebuked Hannity perfectly, “You say you are an “actor” & “producer”? I checked your resume, and it’s not that impressive. You started this fight & won’t debate-coward!” How much do you love Hannity for taking down this wannabe Hollywood idiot?