Breaking: Trump Just Hit James Comey With Shocking News, Is His Career Over?

Few prominent figures in our government have stirred up more controversy and conflicted feelings over the past year that FBI Director James Comey, who was appointed by former President Barack Hussein Obama. Comey earned the wrath of concerned Republicans by buckling to the will of Loretta Lynch and letting Hillary Clinton walk away without criminal charges.

Then Comey got into our good graces by reopening Hillary’s investigation right before November 8, a necessary action that reminded voters just in time what a crook Hillary is. However, he recently angered Trump by agreeing with the CIA about their cooked-up story about Russian hacking. Many were wondering is Trump would keep Comey as his FBI Director or fire him. We just got our answer.

According to the New York Times, Trump is surprising many and will rehire James Comey to be the Director of his FBI. As recently as November, following the election, Trump had stated that he had not made up his mind whether he’d rehire Comey or ask him to resign.

Explained Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus, “Yes, he has confidence in Director Comey. We have had a great relationship with him over the last several weeks. He’s extremely competent. But, look, his term extends for some time yet. There’s no plans at the moment in changing that term. And we’ve enjoyed our relationship with him and find him to be extraordinarily competent.”

Trump does not have a perfect rapport with attention-loving Comey, as Trump once quipped about him, “Oh, there’s Jim, he’s become more famous than me.” However, this is a clear sign that Trump values stability, and is a good indication that Comey has come around Trump’s way of thinking. What do you think about Trump’s surprising decision?