Donald Trump Got A Christmas Letter From Vladimir Putin, What It Says Will Absolutely Infuriate Hillary

Donald Trump received a Christmas letter from none other than Vladmir Putin. Obama and the mainstream media have been perplexed that Trump might want to be friendly with Russia instead of antagonistic towards them. Vladmir Putin recently sent Trump a Christmas letter that would completely infuriate Hillary Clinton.

“Dear Mr. Trump, Please accept my warmest Christmas and New Year greetings. Serious global and regional challenges, which our countries have to face in recent years, show that the relations between Russia and the U.S. remain an important factor in ensuring stability and security of the modern world.

“I hope that after you assume the position of the President of the United States of America we will be able – by acting in a constructive and pragmatic manner – to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas as well as bring our level of collaboration on the international scene to a qualitatively new level.

“Please accept my sincere wishes to you and your family of sound health, happiness, wellbeing, success and all the best. Sincerely, V. Putin” The letter was addressed to “His Excellency, Donald Trump, President Elect”.

Trump responded to the letter in a statement. “A very nice letter from Vladimir Putin; his thoughts are so correct. I hope both sides are able to live up to these thoughts, and we do not have to travel an alternate path,” said Trump.