Whoopi Goldberg In Deep Trouble After Making Egregious Claim About Trump

The most recent episode of ‘The View’ showed just how insane and out of touch these hosts really are. One of the hosts Jedediah Bila said that there are people “clamoring” for Whoopi Goldberg to run for president because she “talks common sense.” Wow, those poor people. Whoopi Goldberg responded by talking about how she is better than Donald Trump.

“Here’s the difference. When I speak, at least you know that I’ve actually looked stuff up, so people think that I might be more aware. People know that I’ve had a wide variety of lives, so they think I might know some stuff,” said Whoopi. Do people with such large amounts of common sense talk about how they’ve lived multiple lives?

“But when you have someone who doesn’t seem to do the homework, who doesn’t seem to have any idea how things actually run — when you bring up Hillary, I can only think to myself she may not have been the best candidate for people, but I know she knew what she was doing,” said Whoopi.

Bila pushed back against this, saying that she didn’t think Hillary was qualified because she used a private email server.

“She wasn’t hacked — everybody else was. That’s all I’m saying.” responded Whoopi. Check out the interaction in the video below.