Cavuto Said Something So Shocking About Trump, Even Stuart Varney Was Stunned [Video]

It’s without a doubt that the election of Washington outsider and private citizen Donald Trump to the Presidency is sure to provide a jolt of fresh energy into how our government conducts itself, both domestically and abroad.

Even within the most loyal pro-Trump circles, the new status quo is taking some getting used to, and commentators have been saying unexpected things. Fox News reporter and Trump supporter recently said something so surprising about Trump that fellow commentator Stuart Varney was stunned.

President-Elect Trump recently tweeted his thoughts on America’s nuclear priorities, saying, “United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time that the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”

On Verney’s show on Fox Business, Cavuto responded to the tweet, saying, “I’m thinking this out. Let’s say we get to Dow 20,000 so we’re all richer for it. But Donald Trump also promises more nukes so we’re all blown up just as we’re counting our money.” Answered a stunned Varney, “What? Have you become some kind of leftist all of the sudden?”

Responded Cavuto, “No, I’m just worried. You don’t seem to be.” Answered Varney, still taken aback, “Get out of here.” Said Neil, “I am thinking about that. That would be something. We hit Dow 20,000… ka-boom.” what do you think about what Neil Cavuto said? Was he joking? Watch below: