Whoopi Just Got Served Epic Justice After She Tried To Smear Trump, You’ll Love It [Video]

The talk show The View regularly serves as a forum and mouthpiece for the most lame-brained liberal thought that the show’s producers are trying to circulate. They recently brought up the use of President-Elect Donald Trump’s innovative use of social media as a tool to communicate directly to the American electorate.

Of course, given that it’s The View and they have a strong liberal media bias, they tried to twist Trump’s social media use as a negative and slander him with it. Leading the charge was knee-jerk liberal blowhard Whoopi Goldberg, whose career has seen far better days.

Whoopi was responding to the disgusting and completely un-Presidential Saturday Night Live sketch about Donald Trump, and Trump’s response to it on Twitter. Said Whoopi, “Donald, you need to pay attention to some other things.”

She added, “People have questions about their taxes and how they’re going to go up, how the middle class is getting a 2 percent cut in their taxes yet the people who are really, really wealthy are getting a 15 percent cut. That’s something you could be tweeting about. You could be tweeting about the fact that if you’re someone who is a single parent with 2 or 3 kids, your taxes are going up.”

She added, “Stay off Twitter and do your job now.” Before the election, Goldberg promised to move to Canada if Trump was elected. Now that he won, many have been calling on Whoopi to fulfill her promise and leave our country. Do you think Whoopi looks like a hypocrite for criticizing our next President while backing out of her promise? Watch below: