He started by saying that the “the collective freakout from the crybaby left is now reaching mind-numbing levels.” Hannity discussed stories of women in Washington D.C. who are cutting and dyeing their hair “because they want to feel empowered in order to oppose president-elect Trump.”

He also laughed at CNN’s “radical” Van Jones who is “working with Republican Electoral College electors who plan on voting against Donald Trump on Dec. 19.” Hannity then focused on the reactions from the women on “The View” particularly Whoopi Goldberg’s.

She told women that they need to “watch their uteruses” under a Trump presidency. “Ladies, your uteruses will be fine,” responded Hannity. He went on to insult Michael Moore who said that Trump winning would trigger an “onslaught of suffering.” “Michael, calm down. The suffering happened under Obama. Thirteen million more Americans that are on food stamps, eight million more in poverty, lowest labor participation rate since the 70s, that’s Obama’s policies,” said Hannity.

“All of this is so beyond ridiculous, but, to my friends in the audience, let me translate what all this means. It’s pretty simple. They lost, they can’t handle it, and you won. And hopefully America wins,” said Hannity. Check out the video below.