Trey Gowdy Just Said Something Nobody Thought He Had The Guts To Say [Video]

U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy, who was reelected to serve his fourth term, has never been shy about speaking his views, especially in the face of corrupt Washington operators like failed Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton.

Gowdy has courageously stood up for those, including the soldiers who watched so many die in Benghazi, who people like Hillary tried to silence. However, few thought he had it in him to say what he said in front of a packed crowd.

Gowdy was asked to speak in front of students at Liberty University, and he delivered a speech so powerful it ended up being called the “Pin Drop Speech” because the audience was so rapt in attention that you could hear a pin drop.

He told the students that they need to make their mind about what they believe, not what other people want them to believe. Then he told them that they need to train themselves to defend those beliefs. That way they’ll get people’s respect, not by insulting them like liberals always do.

Said Gowdy, “Insulting people does not work if your objective is to persuade them. When a person is insulted, they become even more dogmatic in holding their incorrect belief.” What do you think of Trey’s gutsy, incredible speech? Watch below: